Your Child’s Fifth Year

It seems like just yesterday your child was a tiny bundle in your arms, and now, they’re on the brink of entering kindergarten. Their fifth year promises a whirlwind of exciting developmental milestones. This guide will help you navigate these changes and offer ways to support your little one as they embrace these new skills.

While milestones are a great framework, it’s essential to remember that each child is unique. Growth happens at its own pace, and what’s paramount is their well-being and happiness. Should concerns arise, More to Say, LLC’s pediatric therapists are here to provide expert insights and advice.

Your Child by Five Years​

Five years old marks a significant year, bridging the gap between toddlerhood and early childhood. It’s a time when your child is gearing up for school, and knowing their milestones can make the transition smoother.

Your child’s physical abilities will astound you! By the age of five, they’re likely to:

Conversations with your child are about to get more in-depth and engaging. As they reach five years old, they may:

Watch out for those ‘aha!’ moments as your child hones their cognitive skills. At this stage of their development, they might:

Your child’s social world is blossoming, and their emotional intelligence is deepening. Marvel as your child might:

How You Can Help Your Child Reach Their Fifth-Year Milestones

The transition from preschooler to kindergartener is a significant leap in a child’s life, and your guidance during this year is paramount. As your child stands on the threshold of formal schooling whether public, private, or at home, it’s essential to ensure they are well-prepared, both academically and socially. Here’s a roadmap to cultivate their skills, setting the stage for a successful start in kindergarten:

Your little one is growing up fast. Your love and guidance light the way, helping your kiddo learn and grow each day. If you ever hit a bump in the road, no worries! The caring pediatric therapy team at More to Say, LLC has got your back, ready to jump in and help out. Let’s make this year amazing together!

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