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Your child will love joining our clinics’ pediatric enrichment programs in Oxford, CT, and Branford, CT! We provide fun activities for your child to do that engage their creativity, build their social skills, and supplement their education. This is a great opportunity for your child to participate in extracurricular activities that will help them thrive all year long.

These enrichment programs are available to you whether or not your child attends our clinic for therapy services, so take advantage today! Call our office at (203) 828-6790 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page for more information. 

One-Hour Social Skills Groups

Are you looking for a way to get your family out of the house and doing something fun? Come to our one-hour social skills groups! Your child will enjoy working together with other children to complete a fun activity and practice important social skills like:

We offer these pediatric enrichment programs in Branford, CT, and Oxford, CT. Your child can attend our programs throughout the year, typically in alignment with school breaks and holidays.

Six-Week Summer Camps

Children tend to struggle returning to school after summer break because they spend all summer playing and forgetting about what they learned the year before. That’s why we offer six-week summer camps for children near Oxford, CT, and Branford, CT!

Your child will have a fantastic time making new friends and working on activities that stimulate their imagination and creativity, such as:

Our summer programming reinforces educational concepts and social skills so your child will be prepared for the next school year. Fill out the form below for more information!

Pediatric Enrichment Programs Frequently Asked Questions

A pediatric enrichment program is designed to support a child’s growth and development. It’s a specialized learning adventure that’s both fun and educational. The goal of these programs is to stimulate young minds and nurture their talents. Here are the key components of pediatric enrichment programs:

  • Learning Beyond the Classroom: Pediatric enrichment programs provide a wide range of activities that nurture skills that may fall outside the typical school curriculum. Kids can explore subjects like art, music, science, and sports. 
  • Developing Skills: Pediatric enrichment programs are designed to help kids develop various critical skills, from creativity to problem-solving, teamwork to leadership. Children can cultivate their unique talents and passions through hands-on experiences. From painting masterpieces to building robots, children can actively engage in the learning process in pediatric enrichment programs.
  • Providing Social Interaction: Pediatric enrichment programs provide a great opportunity for kids to meet other kids, including those who share their specific interests. They learn to collaborate, communicate, and build friendships while pursuing their passions.

Whether your child dreams of becoming an artist or a scientist, an athlete or a teacher, pediatric enrichment programs provide personalized learning experiences that are customized to individual needs. It’s a great way for kids to discover their passions, grow as individuals, and have fun along the way.

A pediatric enrichment program can be a fantastic way to boost your child’s social skills in a fun, interactive environment. Here are some of the unique ways it can help:

  • Structuring Social Interaction: Group activities and interactive games are central to pediatric enrichment programs. There are plenty of chances for kids to interact with their peers. Through guided play and shared experiences, kids develop critical social skills like cooperation, communication, sharing, and more.
  • Building Confidence: Enrichment programs provide a safe, supportive space for kids to explore new activities. Their newfound confidence improves their self-esteem, making them more comfortable in social settings.
  • Encouraging Collaboration: Many enrichment activities involve teamwork, introducing kids to the importance and benefits of working together. They learn to listen to others, share ideas, and solve problems collectively—all vital skills for building positive relationships.
  • Improving Cultural Awareness: Some enrichment programs introduce kids to different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. This exposure helps children develop empathy and a better understanding of diversity. It’s a great way to foster open-mindedness and acceptance early.

These are just some of the benefits of pediatric enrichment programs. Overall, they provide a holistic approach to developing social skills in a fun, supportive environment. Your child can gain valuable life skills that benefit them in school, in relationships, and beyond.

Pediatric enrichment programs are designed to provide children with engaging, educational activities that go beyond the regular curriculum they follow in school. These programs are tailored to the individual needs and interests of kids, enhancing their overall development. Some of the typical activities you’ll find in a pediatric enrichment program include:

  • Arts and Crafts: Kids often get the chance to explore their creative side through arts and crafts in pediatric enrichment programs. They can paint, draw, sculpt, and create a variety of crafts, helping them flex their creative muscles and develop fine motor skills.
  • Music and Movement: Most pediatric enrichment programs incorporate music and movement sessions. It gives kids a chance to dance, sing, play musical instruments, all while learning about rhythm and coordination.
  • Science Experiments: Kids love hands-on activities that allow them to explore the natural world. In a pediatric enrichment program, kids can engage in simple chemistry experiments or even test basic physics concepts in a safe environment.
  • Outdoor Exploration: Time outdoors is important for physical and mental development. Enrichment programs often include nature walks, gardening, or outdoor games to encourage outdoor exploration and physical activity.
  • Cooking and Nutrition: Learning about healthy eating habits and basic cooking skills can be a part of these programs. Kids get hands-on experience creating simple, nutritious snacks or meals.
  • Cultural Exploration: Many enrichment programs place a focus on teaching children about different cultures and traditions. They promote global awareness through activities, stories, and even delicious food.

These are just some of the typical activities you’ll find in a pediatric enrichment program. Overall, they strive to provide a well-rounded educational experience while fostering a love of learning.

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