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More to Say has been a saving grace for my son and my family. The staff is kind, professional, and accommodating. The SLP staff is knowledgeable in their field and truly helps children learn in an engaging environment. My child has made tremendous growth with his speech and I couldn’t be more thankful. I recommend More to Say whole heartedly.

- Katie F.

The therapists at More to Say have been paramount in my children’s growth this past year. I have three children who receive speech and occupational therapy services at the Oxford location. I have seen monumental growth in their fine motor skills, specifically an increase in finger strength and stamina while writing letters and sentences. The therapists always make learning fun and engaging, even when we have to meet over the computer for sessions if we can’t make it into the office. My oldest is on the autism spectrum, and his work with his therapists on social pragmatics has greatly improved his social interactions in his day-to-day life. I hear him implementing strategies he’s learned in his sessions in conversations with his new friends. We are so thankful for everyone at More to Say!

- Nicole B.

More To Say has been an integral part of our son’s progress and development over the last five years. We have attended both the Oxford and Branford offices and have been able to connect with SLPs and OTs that have changed our son’s life. The staff has been extremely supportive to our family- not only through the day to day but through some hard diagnosis’ we have had to face. The staff of More To Say have been patient, caring, understanding, supportive and committed to our son and us as a family. We are beyond grateful.

- Ashley M.

More to Say as an organization, and Ms. Paula specifically, have had a significant impact on our child’s ability to properly verbalize his thoughts & intentions. They engage him in fun & constructive ways and in the ~20 months he has been working with the team he has blossomed. He is excited for each lesson, and always leaves happy and ready to take on his next sound buddy challenge! Thanks to Ms. Paula & team for all their tremendous work, and we fully recommend meeting with them to find out more about their services.

- The Faulknor Family

More to Say is a welcoming environment, the clinicians are truly genuine and passionate. Let’s be honest, beginning with such therapies can be overwhelming or even intimidating for children as well as their parents and caregivers. However, the level of expertise your family will receive; in conjunction with guidance and support from all of those at More to Say, will surely create an everlasting and comforting bond to tailor fit your child’s needs. Together they strive towards overcoming obstacles and aspire to achieve developmental goals with each individual. Our family feels very fortunate to have found such devoted, uplifting and fun friends at More to Say, we highly recommend all services.

- Erica B.

Our daughter started More To Say in February of 2020 during the pandemic so our expectations weren’t very high. We had come from a different group that went remote during the pandemic and it wasn’t working for our family. I was so happy to hear More to Say was open for in person therapy even during the pandemic. When our daughter started, she needed Speech Therapy and OT services. She was only saying 2-5 words at the age of 2, but quickly all our worries began to subside. Within a few sessions, she started speaking more words and in a couple of months, she was saying full sentences. Fast forward two years later and we are still with More to Say and couldn’t be happier. They have really helped our daughter in so many ways. She now speaks hundreds of words, speaks full sentences and has significantly improved all her motor skills. We have no doubt with More to Say’s continued support, she will master them and be kindergarten ready next September. More to Say has been a lifesaver in helping our daughter grow and advance and are highly recommended by our family.

- The Nelson Family

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