Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Your child can learn how to efficiently and effectively communicate their ideas to others. With pediatric speech and language therapy done the More to Say way, your child will learn how to overcome their communication difficulties. Our pediatric therapists in Oxford, CT, and Branford, CT, have helped the children in our community overcome many speech and language troubles, including:

With our play-based and holistic therapy techniques, your child can learn how to successfully communicate and understand others in their daily life. Click the button below to schedule a free phone consultation today.

What Areas of Communication Are Addressed with Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy?

Communication is an essential part of daily life; but unless you stop to think about it, you may not realize just how much communication you give and receive each day. A child struggling with speech and language can have trouble making friends, understanding instructions, or communicating their ideas clearly.
Your child’s evaluation will tell us exactly which areas of communication they need help with so we can create a program tailored to their specific needs. We address the following areas at both our Oxford, CT, and Branford, CT, pediatric therapy clinics:

Pediatric Therapy for Speech

Speech therapy will help your child learn how to correctly use their tongue, lips, and breath to form words that others can understand. Your child may need a pediatric speech therapy evaluation if they struggle with:

Pediatric Therapy for Language

Language therapy will help your child better understand what others are saying to him or her. It’s also a fantastic tool for children who struggle to clearly communicate their feelings and ideas to others. Your child may need a pediatric language therapy evaluation if they have:

Pediatric Therapy for Fluency

Speech therapy can specifically address your child’s stuttering or cluttering to improve their language fluency. This will enable them to confidently communicate their ideas in a way that others can understand, which will ultimately help your child make friends, participate in school activities, and enjoy social events. Your child may need speech therapy for fluency if they experience:

Pediatric Therapy for Literacy

Language therapy is a fantastic tool to improve your child’s literacy and reading comprehension. This is because we work on your child’s vocabulary, critical thinking skills, writing, and other important aspects of written communication. Your child may need pediatric therapy to improve their literacy if they struggle with:

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