Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Your child can develop the skills they need for independence and success in life. With pediatric occupational therapy done the More to Say way, your child will build their confidence while learning how to handle the activities of daily living. Our pediatric therapists in Branford, CT, and Oxford, CT, help children in all kinds of circumstances, including those with:

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What Does Pediatric Occupational Therapy Handle?

Pediatric occupational therapy (OT) addresses many different life skills. Your child’s evaluation will tell us exactly what their abilities and limitations are so we can create a program tailored to their specific needs.

We address the following areas at both our Oxford, CT, and Branford, CT, pediatric therapy clinics:

Executive Function & Life Skills

Your child’s executive function skills are the thinking skills that help them accomplish daily tasks, such as: handling feelings, making and following a plan of action, and staying focused. These tie into life skills like brushing teeth, getting dressed, and so on.

Schedule your child’s OT evaluation if they struggle to:

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Your child’s fine motor skills involve the small muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrists. These skills are necessary to hold a pencil, tie their shoes, etc. Your child’s gross motor skills involve the larger muscles of their arms, torso, and legs. They use these skills to run, climb, play, and lift objects.

Schedule your child’s OT evaluation if they struggle to:

Visual Perception & Visual Motor Integration Skills

Your child’s visual perception skills help them understand the things they see every day. And their visual motor integration skills are what allow them to see something and respond with an action. For example, if you play catch with your child, they need to see the ball (visual perception) and raise their hand to catch it (visual motor integration).

Schedule your child’s OT evaluation if they struggle with:

Sensory Processing & Regulation Skills

Your child’s sensory processing and regulation skills are simply how they receive, understand, and respond to things in their environment that can be felt with the senses. For example: your child hears a loud noise and covers their ears in response. They heard and understood the noise (processed it), then handled it by covering their ears (regulation).

Schedule your child’s OT evaluation if they:

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