Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Therapy

Your child can master the skills they need to properly eat and drink. With pediatric feeding and swallowing therapy done the More to Say way, your child will learn how to enjoy their meals. Our pediatric therapists in Oxford, CT, and Branford, CT, have helped the children in our community overcome many feeding troubles, including:

With our play-based and holistic therapy techniques, your child can learn how to successfully feed and swallow, improve their nutrition, and develop a great relationship with food. Click the button below to schedule your free phone consultation today!

How Can Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Therapy Address Your Child’s Mealtime Struggles?

It takes a lot of skill to properly eat and drink. Not only are there different oral motor and coordination skills involved with chewing and swallowing, but some children experience sensory issues that present even more of a challenge come mealtime.

Your child’s evaluation will tell us exactly which areas of eating and drinking they need help with so we can create a program tailored to their specific needs. We address the following areas at both our Branford, CT, and Oxford, CT, pediatric therapy clinics:

Pediatric Therapy for Feeding

Feeding therapy will help your child learn how to correctly use their oral muscles to eat and drink. This enables them to be less stressed about mealtimes, which means your family gets to enjoy each other’s company instead of battling over food. Your child may need a feeding therapy evaluation if they struggle with:

Pediatric Therapy for Swallowing

Once your child gets the food or drink into their mouth, they need to be able to swallow it! Swallowing therapy teaches your child better control of their oral and throat muscles so they can enjoy their food and maintain good nutrition. Your child may need a swallowing therapy evaluation if they struggle with:

Pediatric Therapy for Picky Eating

If your child is an extreme picky eater, they may be experiencing behavioral troubles with food. Children who have the difficulties listed above with feeding and swallowing can develop an aversion to food due to the negative association: i.e., “If I eat this, I will choke, and I don’t like that feeling.”

Your child may also avoid foods due to sensory difficulties. Certain textures, colors, smells, and other qualities of food can be overwhelming; but if it’s not handled, your child will actively avoid trying new foods, eating Nutritious foods, etc. Thankfully, pediatric therapy done the More to Say way will empower your child to overcome these troubles.

Your child may need a feeding and swallowing therapy evaluation if they tend to:

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