Pediatric Therapy Referrals

Medical Professionals

What do pediatric doctors, ENTS, dentists, and therapists all have in common? We share the same goal to improve children’s health and wellbeing so they can live a long and happy life. That’s why our team at More to Say routinely updates you on our shared patients’ therapy progress. We want to work together with you to provide exceptional treatment for the children in our care, and we are always happy to offer you our support to achieve our shared goals.

Teachers and Daycare Providers

As the people who spend the most time with children besides their families, you are often the first ones to notice if a child’s development is delayed. We love working with teachers and daycare providers because, like our team at More to Say, you want children to grow into successful and happy adults who can take care of themselves. We work together with educators to provide free developmental screenings for children so we can catch and handle developmental delays as early as possible.

Homeschool Parents

Our Executive Director Haley Addis understands the unique challenges that homeschool parents face because she is one herself! That’s why we provide homeschool enrichment programs to the families in our community. Additionally, we provide free developmental screenings and free phone consultations so that you can ensure your children have every opportunity to succeed in life.

Schedule Your Free Lunch Bite Presentation!

Do you know how pediatric therapy can improve your patients’ wellness and developmental success? Are you interested in the chance to work closely with our clinic to ensure the children in your care grow up into capable, healthy adults? We’d love to work with you!

More to Say provides free virtual presentations for medical professionals, teachers, and daycare providers to find out more about the health and educational benefits of pediatric therapy. Our lunch bites are “bite-sized” presentations given by our skilled clinicians. These virtual presentations take 10-15 minutes, followed by ample time for Q&A.

Call (203) 828-6790 to schedule today, and let’s discuss how we can work together to help the children in our care.